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Eisus Wireless Temp/Humidity Tags

Eisus ireless Sensor Tags monitor and record motion events, door/window open/close events, temperature/humidity/soil moisture and water leaks. They can send you emails, notify you on your phone when temperature or humidity is too low or too high, or each tagged item has been moved even only slightly, or when each door has been opened or closed.


View graphs/data-logs of temperature, humidity, motion events at each wireless sensor anywhere with Internet. Attach to easy to lose items in your house and find them by beeping each tag from any browser or your phone. Out-of-range and back-in-range notification features come standard on all types of sensor tags. 

Eisus Wireless Temp/Humidity Tags

Our Wireless sensor can notify you by email or by App on IOS and Android Phone immediately! Monitor your Temperature and Humidity on any internet capable device wherever you are

How It Works

Place sensor inside the cold storage. The sensor will send temperature data to base station

Base station receives temperature measurement then send to cloud

User can access temperature data in any internet capable device, Web, IOS or Android. View graph and Download data in CSV format.

Super Simple Setup

Just plug in power and Ethernet cord to your internet modem and forget about it!

1. Make Cloud account

2. Plug power and Ethernet cable to your modem

3. Pair wireless sensor to base station

4. Place the sensor to your application

5. Forget about it!

Note: If the modem is too far away from the site, we can use WiFi repeater with Ethernet port.

Wireless Sensor Specs

Temperature Range: Operation range: -40°C (-40°F) to 85°C (185°F), non-condensing (0-95% RH) except rain-proof versions

Battery: CR2032 x1

Battery Life span: 2 to 85 months depending on usage and response delay setting

Signal Range: 700 ft (210m) line of sight, 5ft from ground, default setting

Storage while out of range: 8000 data logs

Base Station Specs

Size and weight

Height: 0.89 inch (22 mm)

Width: 2.15 inch (55 mm)

Depth: 1.88 inch (48 mm)

Weight: 1.9 oz (55 g) w/o AC adapter

Ethernet port


Requires DHCP server

(Most routers/modems typically support DHCP)

Firewall must allow outgoing HTTP (port 80) and port 6667 connection

AC adapter (included)

100V~240V input 50/60Hz

US, EU or UK type depending on shipping address

5V output

300mA max current

Connects up to 40 sensors within range

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