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Wireless Dataloggers

Verigo™  Mobile App

iOS and Android

Verigo provides apps for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices


Wirelessly read temperature and humidity levels from nearby Verigo Pods.

PDF Reports

Generate PDF reports for sensor data and share them directly from your mobile device.


Set sensor thresholds to receive email and text alerts when conditions go awry.

Data Graphs

View sensor data immediately on any mobile device to easily identify trends and threshold excursions.

Immediate Insight

Instantly get insight and visibility of all your shipments. Verigo™ Pods bring actionable data to your fingertips through wireless communication with your iOS™ devices.

  • Save time and eliminate the need to find your data logger

  • Avoid opening containers to retrieve data

  • Speed up your QA processes

Shipment Integrity

Immediately know when shipment integrity is compromised and action is required through Verigo's mobile app alerts.

  • Set sensor minimum and maximum thresholds

  • Be alerted when something goes wrong

  • Bring accountability to your supply chain

No Infrastructure Required

Why spend the time and money needed to install infrastructure throughout your supply chain?

  • Fit all the infrastructure required into your pocket

  • Eliminate the need for proprietary readers and cables

  • Maintain your supply chain solution with little overhead

Complete Shipment History

Need to quickly investigate your entire shipment history? Use the Verigo mobile app to analyze and view all data related to your

  • View complete sensor logs and basic statistics

  • See when and how long sensor thresholds were exceeded

  • Email the data from your phone or tablet

Verigo™ For iOS and Android

The Verigo mobile app is available for free on

Apple's App Store℠ and Google Play.

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