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High Accuracy

Model: 88161 (Temperature with External Sensor Dual)

Model: 88160 (Temperature with Internal sensor)

Features and Benifits:

Compact High Accuracy Temperature Data Logger with Direct USB Interface

●Portable, precise, compact and low cost

●USB interface directly communicate with PC

No program needed to operate, just plug and play

●Replaceable lithium battery

Additional Specifications:

  • Plug & Play temperature datalogger with USB 2.0 connector

  • Software & driver are not required for any operation

  • Automatically generate a PDF and Excel report while plugged into computer

  • High accuracy thermistor sensor

  • Completely programmable by users for maximum flexibility includes: 6 languages, sampling interval, start delay, alarm delay, unit, alarm range, alarm type, password and user name

  • Compact, light and IP67

  • Big LCD provides excellent viewing experience

  • Count key to review max. & min value of logged data

  • Dual color LED provides instant status indicator: REC andHigh/Low temperature

  • Large memory capacity, 48000 readings.

  • Powered by 2pcs CR2032 battery. Easy replacement.

  • Mark key to provide 8 marking during transition period

  • PDF file contains summary, graph and detailed data list

  • EN12830 and RoHS compliance

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