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2 or 8 Channel Temperature Datalogger

Features and Benifits:

  • Large LCD display, 2 channels / 8 channels data.

  • Support 8 types thermocouple:K,J,E,T,R,S,N , B, Wide variety of interchangeable Thermocouple Probes

  • Both ºC and ºF are available.

  • Mini USB interface.

  • Manual record capacity : 88

  • Capacity 36000 data memory

  • Log Interval : 2s~24h

  • With professional analysis software.


Back View

Memory: 36,000 datapoints
Power: 1 pc 9V Battery

Product Description:

Our Eisus S220-T8 is a Multi-Channel Temperature Data logger that is primarily used in Temperaure Mapping applications. Our advantage to some competitors is portability, unlike others that needs to be connected to PC while Mapping. It has real-time features as well as Stand-alone. You can use different sensor types, temperature range is -200 to 1800C.


Delivery Scope:

S220-T8 Datalogger, Carrying case, 9V battery, CD software

Software Screenshot

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