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Temp/Humidity with Sound and Light Alarm

Features and Benifits:

  • Auto shortening of log interval in case of over limit

  • Big multi-function LCD

  • Audible and visual alarm in case of over limit

  • 2 years’ battery life

  • Remote sensor

  • Embedded magnet for wall mounting on metal surfaces

  • 2 years battery life

  • Big LCD display

Memory: Up to 16,000 points
Temperature range: -40 to 85C
Humidity: 10 to 99%

Product Description:

Eisus RC – 61 multi-use temperature and humidity data logger is designed for all cold chain solutions. You can use them for pharmaceuticals, food, medicine, fresh food cabinets, freezer incubators or cold storage applications.

To access information, every Eisus multi-use temperature and humidity data loggers have a built-in multi-function LCD. They are easy to configure and you can conveniently export data in PDF or Excel format via Elitech data management software.

Software Screenshot

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