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Eisus MOTE Series

Eisus MOTE Series

Remote, flexible data  logging with years of  battery life

The new EL-MOTE WiFi data  logger range combines an unobtrusive, waterproof design with  interchangeable measurement  probes, up to two channels and up to 2 years of potential  battery life.

24/7 monitoring and alerts in a simple-to-use package

  • Wirelessly stream, record and view temperature and humidity  on the Cloud, using any web browser, smart phone or tablet

  • Simple device setup using our smartphone App

  • Single and dual channel temperature and humidity recording  using a choice of interchangeable probes

  • Configurable high and low alarms with on-board indicator and sounder

  • Industry leading battery life of up to 2 years

  • Discreet design with waterproof enclosure

  • View and analyse multiple sensors, including graphing of historic data

Smart Probes

Need to exchange your probe for a higher accuracy version?  Your device will support both standard and + version probes.  Simply purchase a new probe.

Smart probes are pre-calibrated. No need to take  your data loggers out of action every twelve  months for calibration checks. Simply fit a new  probe in a few seconds.

Probe T and Probe T+

External temperature probe Standard and higher accuracy options.

Probe TH and Probe TH+

External temp/humidity  probe. Standard and  higher accuracy options.

Probe TP and Probe TP+

External thermistor  probe. Standard and  higher accuracy options.

WiFi Communication  Software

Users can interface with their data loggers via  a local PC, using the free WiFi software or by subscribing to the EasyLog™ Cloud based data hosting service which allows access  to data from any internet enabled device such  as tablet, smartphone or computer.

Both interfaces provide access to the stored  data and real-time alerts of alarm conditions.  Users can also remotely change other device  settings including sample rates, alarms and  alert settings.

Features at a glance*

Monitor sensors from  multiple sites in one  account

View data from  any sensor on any  web-enabled device

Receive email alerts  to take action if  required

Allow multiple users  and assign variable  account privileges

Store your data safely online in the Cloud

  Export and print for analysis & reporting

Optional security  enhancements

*Features dependent on account type.

Your Data.

Anytime. Anywhere.

The EasyLog™ Cloud makes data from  your WiFi sensor universally accessible from any  internet enabled device. You can manage your  devices and make changes to any sensor setting  remotely, including changing alarm levels.

This gives you the power to monitor and manage  potentially hundreds of WiFi sensors in different  countries completely remotely.

The system easily scales to meet your needs.  Perfect for compact systems with just a few  measuring points, or corporate solutions with  hundreds of sensors around the globe.


A Cloud account is created during the WiFi  sensor set-up process. You can choose from  three different Cloud account types depending  on which features you need.

EasyLog™ Apps

With the new easy to use EasyLog™ Apps for Android  and Apple iPhone and iPad, monitor and manage WiFi sensors on  the go. Free to download, the new Apps include features such as:

•Quick overview of any loggers in alarm

•Ability to change devices settings on the go

•Favorites tab for a quick view of the most vital sensors

•View graphs and data

•View and close events

EasyLog™ For iOS and Android

The EasyLog mobile app is available for free on

Apple's App Store℠ and Google Play.

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