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RFID/NFC Real-Time Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Features and Benifits:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) live remote temperature measurement and recording using WIFI or GPRS

  • Instant PDF temperature report generated on demand

  • Ideal for refrigerated trucks, cold storage warehouse, cool rooms and grocery store retail cold bars

  • Up to 3 year data recorder tag life

  • Record temperature only - humidity recording option available (record at 15 minute intervals)

  • LAN Ethernet, WIFI, 3G-GPRS for Live Connection for data setup and download

  • Geolocation and temperature logged live using GPRS or Ethernet connection

  • Free service of cloud storage (BluConsole) for logged data and PDF reports

Email Alarm, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report, 

Product Description:

EISUS Blulog  RF Temperature Data Logger records temperature and as an option, humidity, at the installed location every 10 minutes or 15 minutes when you you include humidity data. A holder to mount the RF data logger to a wall is included with each device. 
The RF Temperature Data Logger is ideal for installation in refrigerated truck trailers, walk-in refrigerators, cold storage warehouse or in grocery store cold display cases or hot bars. The RF data logger communicates to a gateway hub that is up to 2000 ft or 700 meters away. The gateway hub is a required device to send and retrieve data with the RF Temperature Data Logger device. The gateway hub connects to a GPRS (3G) mobile network to deliver the data to the free BluConsole data storage cloud service. 

Blueconsole Portal

Software Screenshot Graph View

User can download PDF or Excel Report instantly at any given date

System Overview

700 meters line of sight distance from Gateway. Repeater also available.

Battery is built-in and up to 3 years Battery life, Calibration have 3 years Validity

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